Weaving For Empowerment

Weaving for Empowerment is a program for marginalized women in Nepal. These trained women hand weave beautiful dhaka fabrics using traditional handlooms, which are then handmade into high quality bags. Every sale directly benefit the weavers.

Our Weaving for Empowerment program was established by The Small World (a local not for profit charitable organization) to teach disadvantaged women marketable skills, to help them become economically independent, to keep traditional Nepali weaving alive, and to inspire other women to join them in creating a new and promising future.

At present, we have trained five (5) women from different backgrounds and includes single mothers and those who did not receive an education. With issues of poverty and gender inequality, the lack of an education is a fact of life for most girls in Nepal.

In spite of any hindrances, these talented and hardworking women put their hearts and spirits into hand weaving an authentic, centuries old, traditional cotton fabric known as Dhaka. Its one of a kind beauty lies in the unique creative expression and color combinations of the weaver, and as you can see by our products, these women are amazingly creative!

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